Operation Method

 After "Click Me!", a camera control screen will appear.

Camera control screen

LED & Fan


  1. When click a favorite place of a picture screen, vision of a camera become central.
  2. You can choose the camera position registered beforehand. You can turn a camera to the target place quickly.
  3. Please push "Feeding" button and please put up bait.
  4. Turning a fan. A fan doesn't turn around when cloudy, and LED may merely light up. A fan with LED stops automatically in greatest two minutes even if you leave it's switch as On.
    (While you cannot do Feeding operation, it is small service to you. Please enjoy)

This Web site require for ActiveX introduction of the camera internal organs made from Panasonic Corporation.

under Windows8、Internet Explorer 8 over (IE8/9/10/11) ,Please try one of the following methods.

1. Compatibility View button

2. Add address of "e-hinorara.com" "" to Compatibility View Settings.

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