Operation Method

 Click on  "Click Me!", and the camera control screen will appear.

Camera control screen

LED & Fan

  1. When you click a favorite place of Camera control screen, the location of vamera vision becomes the center of the camera.
  2. You can select the preset position. So you can quickly point the camera at the desired location.
  3. Click the  "Feeding" button to feed bait.
  4. Turrn the fan on/off. When it's cloudy, the LED lights up and the fan may not turn. It stops automatically after a maximum of 2 minutes.
    (This is a small service for site visitors while the feeding operation is not available. Please play with it.)

This Web site requires ActiveX installed in the Panasonic camera.

If you cannot display the image in Internet Explorer 8 or later (IE 9, 10, 11), try one of the following methods.

1. Compatibility View button "ON"

2. Add address of "e-hinorara.com" "netvolante.jp" to Compatibility View Settings.

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